Curves, Hills, and Speedbumps

It has been a while since I posted last, but have decided to, once again, untangle my thoughts long enough to provide some insight into our wild world that seems to be spinning out of control sometimes.

We all face challenges … some seem very minor, more of an inconvenience, but then there are those that appear as a mountain before us… a daunting, and discouraging, obstacle that will not move or bend.
Since I am the type of person who has to have complete control over my life, these forbidding trials that come into my life test me to the core. As I have lived more than a few years, I have learned that, sadly, we do not have control over many of the events that affect our lives, and it is how we react to, and live with those events that reveal who we are.
As a born-again Christian, my faith is not supposed to be in myself, but in God, the Father, and Jesus, His Son, who does watch over this madness on Earth, even as I sometimes wonder “Where are YOU??” For myself, it is very difficult to witness the incredible selfishness of mankind and the trouble it causes, only to be reminded, by the overwhelming kindness and selfless acts of others, that, while God may be quiet at times, He is still ever present here and the guilty on this Earth will not go unpunished.

The Bible also states that judgement begins at the house of God … that means us … His children. As I face the sad fact that ‘ … there is none good, no not one’ as stated clearly in Psalms, Romans, and other passages, I also face the truth that it includes me. No matter how virtuous I like to view myself, or how rightly I like to behave, deep down, my thoughts, motives and innermost desires are self-centered. How many times in a day do I think “I”???  It takes the saving power of God to set me free from my selfishness.

So, as I critically observe the world spinning around me, out of control, I have to come back to the truth that all those foolish, stupid faults I can’t help but notice in those around me can also be found in my old human nature, which drives me back to the foot of the cross, once again seeking forgiveness, not only for my own acts of wrongdoing, but my ill conceived thoughts and motives.

God is watching, and the guilty will not go unpunished.  Evil is rampant in our world today and multitudes suffer at the hands of others. This angers me, but I also know that the difference between myself and those I so easily criticize around me is that Jesus has stepped up and taken the wrath of the Father in my place by virtue of His great love for me, and those around me… the wrath that has always been there, but held off to give us a chance to accept the sacrifice He so willingly and lovingly paid at such a great price. My challenge as a Christian is to hold fast to the faith He has given me and allow Him to work in me, resulting in less of me and more of Him … less self-centered pre-occupation with myself and the world I live in and more love and compassion for others, knowing Jesus died for them as well as for me.


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