Hello world!

As I considered starting a new blog, there were so many subjects clamoring for attention. I know we all have too much to say, and very seldom take time to listen. Tonight, even at this late hour, my first and foremost thoughts are of the unbelievable news of the dramatic rescue of the miners in Chile who have all been rescued.

I am so overwhelmed by gratitude to God for sparing those men and their families and that nation from yet another tragedy. When I consider the magnitude of the accomplishment, I also know that, without the help of God, it would have been an abject failure.

So, I thank God for the lives of those and can’t help but wonder what He has in store for them. I congratulate the miners and their rescuers for this wonderful outcome…. we all know it could have been and was expected to be much different.

In a world so filled with pain, despair, anger and desperation, it is so heartening to witness such an awesome miracle… of life, hope and jubilation. Maybe we can know from this that there is light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended).


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